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Your Personal Travel Consultant


Hi! Salve! Buongiorno! Welcome! I am thrilled that you are here! And can't wait to help you go somewhere else! 

Travel is my passion. At 18 years old, I took my first trip to Europe, to study art and business in Rome. During this program, I lived in the Trastevere neighborhood, and spent days trekking the cobblestone streets, while soaking in every museum and devouring every carb that I could. This journey launched an obsession with Italy, and a love affair that would continue with travel through today. Since that initial trip, I've visited 30+ countries, with the pinnacle of these adventures happening in 2016...

After working in the Marketing industry in NYC for nearly a decade, I was required to take a six-month non-compete (i.e. garden leave) between jobs - giving me the excuse to hit the road.  During this time of adventure, I taught kindergarten in the Philippines, tutored English in Italy, and began developing this custom travel consultancy: Piccoli Adventures. While in Italy, I was fortunate enough to meet my now-husband, Massi. After returning to NY without him post the non-compete, I worked full time in the city for ~2 years, then relocated to Italy for a year. During that period, I lived in Cattolica (a beach town on the Adriatic coast in Romanga), earned my Italian citizenship through my ancestral bloodline, and we planned our wedding.  In September 2019, my husband and I were married near his hometown in a church filled with Renaissance art, and celebrated at a nearby castle.

Now, I help clients plan unique itineraries all over the world, with a specific focus on Italy.  These trips include custom tours, foodie excursions, high brow 5* hotels, and budget friendly one-of-a-kind rental apartments. 

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